• "It's nice to see how easy it is for just anyone to create a DISC profile. Also it's most convenient you can share your profile with friends."

    Michelle Douwes, Consultant (Wolfheze, the Netherlands)
  • "Profile4Free enabled me to understand myself better. To be honest, this was a great support for both, my business as well as private relationships."

    Marcel de Jongh, Student (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

What is Profile4Free?

Profile 4 Free is a fast and reliable way to gain insights on your own behavior. Are you more a quiet and analyzing personality or rather the kind that has whatever it takes to successfully run an organization? Analyze your profile and find out!

Profile4Free is based upon the DISC-principles. Click here to learn more.

Profile4Free can easily be extended. Click here for more information on Profile4Improvement, Profile4Coaching and Profile4Assessment.

Start with Profile4Free now!
Reasons to test it:

  • Gain insight on your strong and weak points
  • Will not take more of your time than 7 minutes
  • 90% scientifically reliable
  • Unlimited free testing
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